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"Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams: A Journey To A Healthier, Wealthier, Happier You!" 
5-Day Online Adventure
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Monday 24th - Friday 28th July 2017
7am AWST / 9am AEST (Australia)
4 pm PT / 6 pm CT / 6pm EST (USA/Canada)
12 am (UK)

Katie Joy - "The Global Butterfly"
Spiritual Coach & Online Biz Mentor

I’m here on this earth with a mission to remind you that your core essence is Light and Love… 

I take a stand for helping women (especially mothers) to become the best version of themselves, to create financial self reliance and to transform their life to live their dreams.

My goal is to help you experience more flow and authentic alignment, more often than not, so you see and experience the opportunities available to the authentic you, to transform your life - your health, wealth, prosperity and spirit through love - so you can consciously create the life and biz you truly desire. 
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5-Day Intro Online Adventure
Become a Manifesting Queen And Create Your Authentic Dream Life NOW!
SAY GOODBYE TO UNCERTAINTY: Give yourself the power to bring your dreams to life!

QUIT THE STRUGGLE AND OVERWHELM and say hello to success and easy actionable steps

ALL ATTENDEES WILL GET a chance to participate in one of my energy transformation processes live
Discover how to create the ideal life that you deserve! 
Learn how to live with more fun, ease and joy.
Get yourself into AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT Fast!
Discover how to transform your health, mind and body.
Feel Confident and Empowered Physically & Financially.
Boost your ENERGY to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams!
Discover how to feel healthy, wealthy and happy everyday, starting NOW!
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Saturday 22nd July 2017
This course runs LIVE, not automated. To participate you must be registered before the event starts, or you miss out!
In This Mini Course Challenge You Will
Uncover hidden self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from having what you really want.
Reconnect with your Intuition, and your 'inner girl,' that part of yourself that feels 'stuck,' to heal her - and have her know she is seen, heard, and felt - so you remember your INNATE WORTHINESS for Love, Life, & Lighting UP as a Magnetic Manifesting Queen.
Feel ALIVE with energy, joy, and possibility that you CAN create the life you really want in alignment with your heart and soul.
Reveal your authentic vision, values and purpose - not the ones you've been programmed to ADOPT to 'be good enough'.
Set CLEAR goals authentically in alignment with your vision and your soul's calling.
Learn how to ACTIVATE your goals, in alignment with YOUR vision, values, and purpose.
Here's What Previous Attendees Say...
Nadine Schaefer
Marcia Miatke
Who Is This 5-Day Intro To Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams: A Journey To A Healthier, Wealthier, Happier You!" For?
This amazing adventure is for women who are healers, light-workers, soul-preneurs and seekers of truth who are willing to be guided to change, to relinquish fearful patterns and embrace new empowering beliefs and behaviours to design the life your soul is destined to live... 

You will have access to Katie Joy LIVE for 5 Days learning how to hack your old unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back, and sabotaging your success. 

You will discover many of the toxic habits that have denied you full access to your dreams until now, and how to relinquish them for good! 

You will be given POWERFUL TOOLS for Manifesting Mastery which will accelerate your dreams into life... to create more health, wealth and happiness in your life.

And perhaps the most exciting of all, you will be IN the exclusive COMMUNITY on the LIVE CALLS witnessing and EXPERIENCING INSTANT TRANSFORMATIONS as Katie works her magic with transforming energy within the group, and shows you how you can do it too... 

If this resonates with you at your core, then you know you were guided here to this page for a reason. 

You were born, destined to be a Spiritual Rockstar to serve for the greater good, beginning with YOU, and radiating your brilliance to the world as an invitation to lead with love and light! 

Are you finally willing to SHINE BRIGHT STAR LIGHT?
Your Soul Was Attracted To This Calling, That's Why You Are Here...
I believe everything happens for a reason. 

My guess is, you believe that too, that's why you are here. 

You are Divinely guided, including now. 

I know you are looking for answers to some challenges you are experiencing, and perhaps keep repeating with the same patterns in your life - in relationships, love, with money, your health, with self-sabotage and push-pulling success... 

You want it, that 'THING' you desire, and you even move towards it... but it keeps eluding you leaving you wondering "What's wrong with me?" and deeply fearing beneath it all, "Am I worthy?" "Am I good enough?"


That you were born worthy... and still are... 
You are enough... and always have been... 
You are LOVE and LIGHT... and you were born to MATTER... At a HIGHER Vibrational Frequency!

You've just been operating from some old outdated, perhaps dysfunctional patterns, that you bought in to at some time or event in your life, possibly to protect you then and to provide a coping survival strategy to keep you feeling 'safe'... 

But you no longer need that survival strategy, and in fact, it's what keeps you STUCK. 

You may even be aware of these patterns, but not sure why you do it, or how to stop it.

During this FREE 5-Day course I can lead you back into your light to see your truth of who you REALLY are... and access new empowering belief patterns that serve you to live out your HIGHEST SELF's PURPOSE on this earth. 

Today, you have a NEW POSSIBILITY to reconnect with that 'missing piece' that you haven't yet been able to figure out, because it's previously escaped you. 

You have the chance to say "YES!" to a new future you, a better you, the REAL YOU, perhaps for the first time... and access your authentic self, to design and live your authentic life.... 

Shine on Sister, and say "Yes! YES!!" to yourself. 

Choose you now.. and register for this FREE 5-Day Intro to "Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams: A Journey To A Healthier, Wealthier, Happier You!" 

And, I'll see you on the LIVE CALLS ready for an Amazing Adventure - an Inner Journey that will bring your soul in to balance with peace, love and joy... and most certainly in alignment to manifest more magic in your life!

More details available once you register... so take your next best step and say...
Yes Katie! I'm Ready To Join The FREE 5-Day Online Adventure Now!
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Once you register, you will be sent a confirmation email (to make sure you are genuinely interested in being a part of this online adventure, and that you're not a robot spamming!) These emails are important, as they contain unique content and a BONUS opportunity for you. They also keep you up-to-date with any pre-event info and reminders so make sure you have 'white listed' Katie @ The Global Butterfly's email! 
Online Group
Once you register, you will be directed to the next page and given a link to access our private online group, where you will access the community participating exclusively with this 5-day challenge. Inside the group you will access instructions, content and the links to access the daily live calls.
Daily Live Calls
Each day over the period of the LIVE CHALLENGE WEEK you will get access to a Live Video Group Call. These calls will include the content for the day, with a tool provided for you to implement immediately --- to wave your magic wand for manifesting. 

These live calls will be recorded, and available to all those who are registered, and available for replay access for a limited time. So if you are in a time zone or have commitments that do not allow you to be available for one or more of the daily live calls, you won't miss out. 

HOWEVER, if you want to get the MOST out of this experience, then BE ON THE LIVE CALLS as you will be able to ask YOUR questions, and directly access and harness the super power of the LIVE ENERGY of the group, as well as have the opportunity to be selected for a LIVE TRANSFORMATION (Worth hundred's $$$'s, for free!)
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